"Wali Mutazammil is longstanding and current certified Advanced Level WRAP Co-Facilitator through Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery. Mr. Mutazammil has provided international leadership in his role as a Certified Advanced Level Co-Facilitator and as a member of the Copeland Center board of Directors. Mr. Mutazammil is a valuable resource to the community to co-facilitate WRAP Seminar I and Seminar II course as well as providing guidance in fidelity implementation of WRAP programs."

Matthew Federici, M.S. Executive Director

"I am writing to support and acknowledge Mr. Wali Mutazammil, President & CEO of Behavioral and Mental Wellness Coaching, Inc. I have known Mr. Mutazammil for the past 10 years working together internationally in Ghana, Malaysia, and the United States. Mr. Matazammil has Co-Facilitated Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) training to over 300 mental health professionals in Ghana and medical doctors in Malaysia. Prior to the pandemic, he has been a guest lecture in transformational leadership for the MBA students who were medical doctors, studying at MAHSA University in Malaysia. He is currently facilitating online Integrated Practices of WRAP for Frontline Workers, to ensure they are looking after their mental wellness by identifying their own stressors and action plans to better manage those stressors.

I highly recommend Mr. Mutazammil as an expert and asset to any organization to co-create individual and organizational wellness. I believe he has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to strengthen resiliency and excellence in delivery service."

Dr Francis Roger Acquah D.Sc: BEd: RPN: Gd Dip HSR: FACMHN Clinical Director, Positive Mental Health Program, Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa), Commonwealth University

"I am writing to attest to the fact that I have known Wali Mutazammil for seven years now, we met in Ghana at a Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference. His presence at the conference brought about a new vigor and climax as regards to his humility and vast knowledge in the field of Mental Wellness. He devoted his energy and time to pass information about Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) which he has grasped with much excellence overtime. He is greatly passionate about Mental Wellness and his interest is seamlessly provoked when training opportunities avail most especially to healthcare workers, students among others. For instance, he was my mentor for Seminar I; Developing Your Own WRAP; Seminar II: WRAP Facilitator Training; Online Peer Support and WRAP for Frontline Workers.

These experiences were fantastic and I learnt a lot and became a facilitator. Subsequently I Co-Facilitate with Wali in Malaysia for Medical Doctors, Psychiatrist, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Policy Makers, Parents, and University Students. Wali has facilitated several WRAP trainings in Africa, Asia, and USA. Wali’s dedication to duty, goal centeredness, utilitarianism, passion for training/facilitation and evidence based mental health practices, perseverance, tenacity and diligence among others, are his strength while his weakness might reflect in his obsession for perfection and low tolerance for mediocrity. He is very optimistic and doesn’t take NO for an answer when it comes to positive deliverables. He is not disturbed by failures which he ordinarily sees as a good opportunity to look inwards and take another shot at the challenge.

I am convinced he will translate the knowledge of WRAP training and facilitation to positive utilization in the State of Montana towards solving Mental Health challenges especially following the corona virus pandemic which has affected individuals in various ways. Mental health stakeholders will benefit from this greatly endowed Facilitator most especially in giving back to the nation in the areas of Wellness to ultimately strengthen health systems, academia, and capacity building.

My very best regards."

Aishatu Yusha’u Armiya’u, MBBS, MSc, PhD Professor and Forensic Psychiatrist, JOS UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL